Before Intravenous Anesthesia Sedation

  • Patients who are to receive sedation or general anesthesia MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult, or if a minor, parent or legal guardian. Your ride needs to stay in our office during your surgery. Dr. Iranmanesh will not start surgery until your responsible party is physically present in our office.When you go home, you cannot be by yourself under any circumstances after receiving sedation or a general anesthetic. This is for your protection. Our only concern is for your health and well-being.
  • Do NOT have anything to eat or drink (including water) after midnight except for sedative pill and/or antibiotic we have given you to be taken with a small sip of water.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing with short sleeves.
  • Please remove prior to surgery:
    Contact lenses
    Jewelry (especially large earrings, bracelets and watches)
    Fingernail polish
  • These are the items that you need to have at home BEFORE your surgery:
    Ice packs – We will send you home with an ice pack sling for your face with re-useable ice packs.
    Clear liquids and Soft Foods– You should have several types of clear liquids; (Apple juice, Cranberry juice, 7-up, Ginger Ale, Chicken Broth).
    Prescriptions filled before your surgery appointment. (Prescription provided at consultation appointment)
  • Take 1 Valium tablet an hour before your scheduled surgery appointment time with a small sip of water. This is provided at your consultation appointment. Antiobiotics are taken as prescribed.
  • FINANCIAL PREPARATIONS (Arrangements need to be made prior to the date of surgery):